An occasion stuns Hollywood town occurred today when a progression of Twitter records of Marvel to advance its blockbuster has been programmer assaults and seized control.

On the off chance that the entire world silver screen each loop before the Sony programmer assaults and unveil a considerable measure of classified data, including missions arrangements amongst Sony and Marvel to give Spider-Man Meets with superhero group the current Avengers, Marvel to the religion likewise got to be casualties of sexual orientation Hacker.


As indicated by upgraded data on The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, Twitter account Marvel has authoritatively taken control by programmers and after that used to post up a record status distributed on this … was hacked.

Programmer has left a notice Status line with the accompanying substance: “Hello, we are OurMine. Try not to stress, we just check your security level just, please get in touch with us so we bolster your support on security issues disconnected.

Subsequently, on the programmer aggregate has assaulted and seized control of Marvel Twitter account in a brief span without bringing about any damage. Rather, they have left a message demonstrating that the line I simply checked and found this security imperfection. Likewise, they additionally communicated a craving to help Marvel enhance security frameworks.

Other than Twitter, the arrangement Marvel’s fundamental Twitter records of other faction movies that the organization is going about as the Avengers, Black Panther, Captain America, Thor Guardians of the Galaxy and furthermore were hacked and left substance same as above.

Luckily these programmers don’t bring about harm, yet after the occasions in the Marvel maybe ought to reexamine its security system by Hacker’s not generally great as OurMine you ‘.