Yippee has included another application for the iPhone, which is Yahoo Answers.

Yippee discreetly propelled another application for iPhone


Yippee Answers is an administration Yahoo permits individuals to post inquiries to and look for assistance from the client group. It has existed for a long while and is more favored. Hurray conveyed this administration to iOS as autonomous programming.

As indicated by TechCrunch, Yahoo named previous Hive yet it is positioned low on the App Store since its dispatch this mid year. It would appear that Yahoo is prepared to confront new opponents, for example, Quora. This is the most recent name in the rundown of portable applications Yahoo has quite recently discharged for the current year.

Web mammoths have propelled an assortment of utilizations lately, including Newsroom, travel web crawlers and radar applications for Android eSports. In any case, New Answers for iOS form so you’ll need to Answers site on the off chance that you are utilizing gadgets running other working frameworks.

Chief Marissa Mayer trusts Yahoo’s versatile endeavors can help take care of numerous issues. But since it is not compelling, so the organization chose to offer itself to Verizon for $ 4.38 billion. This does exclude the system is said to attempt to diminish the $ 1 billion after data Yahoo’s 500 million clients influenced are conveyed to light.