The substituted rather channel regularly causes certain irritations, from the capacity to set aside opportunity to channel into the focal point stuck and even crack the channel. So the new framework’s channel Manfrotto Xume destined to take care of these issues by utilizing a metal casing with attractive mediator, channel and focal point will stick together immovably and can be evacuated out immediately when required.

You will join a metal ring (outline A) have attractive into the focal point. One other metal (ring B) nonmagnetic will settled to the channel. A suction ring will ring B, whereby middle channel on the focal point mount. You will just need one round of A for the focal point, however will require a great deal of ring B to set your channel.

Favorable circumstances of the channel holder is a change of channel quick speed, no moving parts used to secure territories. The drawback is that does not bolster many sorts of channel stack at the same time.

Take note of that, Xume longstanding. This is an organization work in assembling frill, and now Manfrotto purchased and utilized under the new brand is Mafrotto Xume, the channel is streamlined for the Manfrotto including CPL channel, ND channel, channel security, .. .

Xume channel holder will be sold in 8 unique sizes: 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm; 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm. Retail costs will be from $ 11 to $ 35, roughly 250-800 thousand. You can purchase a channel holder and channel XUME of Manfrotto